Incorrect Calculation of Disk Space in Version 15.4

Problem Description

When calculating the available disk space for the partition on which the SQL database of G DATA Management Server is located, incorrect results are obtained.

Although this problem also occurred in older versions, software fixes have already been made. Therefore, we advise older versions to update to version at first.

The following instructions will fix the problem if you still experience this issue with version 15.4.x.

The cause of the problem is a mismatch of the "logical_name" value to "database_name" (within the database). This is sometimes the case if the database is either from an old version (< 14.2) or if the database was once moved from another server in the past.


Fixing the Database:



If you do not have Microsoft Management Studio installed yet, download the installation routine from Microsoft and install it.


In the config.xml file, check which database is associated with G DATA Management Server.


Create a database backup.


Start Microsoft Management Studio and connect to the instance you are using.



Open the Database folder in the Object Explorer.


In Object Explorer, right-click the database which is assigned to the G DATA Management Server in the config.xml. Select Properties.


Click the Files page.


The window with the file names will open (if you can’t see everything properly, enlarge the window and expand the Logical Name column).

You will see two lines. The first line is the logical name of the database file, the second line concerns the associated log file. For the solution of the problem only editing the logical name in the first line is relevant. If the second line also contains a name that differs from the database name, we advise you to change it. Otherwise, there may be some confusion later on.

Compare the Database Name (marked with a green arrow on the screenshot), with the Logical Name (marked with a red arrow on the screenshot).

If the names are not identical, enter the Database Name (green arrow) in the Logical Name field (red arrow). You can click into the field and overwrite the existing name.



Close the Microsoft Management Studio.


Restart the G DATA Management Server service. This allows you to test whether the mail is still being sent. Usually this should no longer be the case, otherwise please contact our Contact G DATA Business Support.