Involuntary activation of web content control

Problem Description

When updating to version 15.3, or installing this version, web content control is unintentionally activated on the client side in some cases. In addition, in the G DATA Administrator, the web content control may be incorrectly displayed as disabled, even though it is active.



After the installing or updating to version 15.3, the setting for the web content control has to be adjusted manually. If you intend to disable the web content control, adjust the according value in the G DATA Administrator to disabled and apply the change. This will disable it for the respective client or group with the next client-mms synchronization.

In the list of permitted categories under web content control, one of the entries may have been disabled by the process described above.

Please check this list for correctness.


The correct setting can be verified in the windows registry on the client. The registry value should be

 HKLM\SOFTWARE\(WOW6432Node\)G DATA\AVKProxy\WebContentControl [DWORD] = 0

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