The log files of the G DATA Security Clients

A summary of the possible logs of all clients.

Logfiles for Windows clients

The log files for the Windows clients as well as the various protection technologies are created using the Debugview tool (Debugview).

Instructions can be found at the following link: Debugging with DebugView for the services "G DATA Security Client", "G DATA Proxy", "G DATA Scanner", as well as the Internet update of the client.

Logfiles for Linux/Mac clients

During its runtime, G DATA Security Client for Linux logs debug information to various log files.

The log files are located in the /var/log/gdata folder:

  • The Avclient.log file contains debug information from the "gdavclientd" daemon (All local client control operations, such as starting scheduled scans, updates, quatantine operations, etc).

  • The gdb2bclient.log file contains debug information from the "gdb2bclientd" daemon (All operations communication with G DATA Management Server).

  • Debug information from gdavserver is logged in Gdavserver.log.

  • The gdavupdate.log file contains logging of signature updates.

  • The gdupdater.log file contains the logging of software updates.

  • The repo_install-Timestamp.log file contains the logging of the installation.

  • The Systeminfo.txt file contains hardware information that is reported to the ManagementServer.