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In this article you will be provided with general information about our product G DATA Mobile Device Management

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With the update to version 15.4.x, you get our next-generation G DATA Mobile Device Management (MDM).

The G DATA Endpoint Security Android app is also new and can now be installed by the device owner himself, without the physical presence of the administrator and without any special prior knowledge. The new generation can be conveniently downloaded from the Google Playstore. Setting up the end devices is just as easy via QR code.

Until now, the management of Android mobile devices was only possible via direct contact with G DATA Management Server. Up until version 15.3.x, contact between the device and G DATA Management Server was therefore not always feasible for every customer without effort. For example, not all customers have their own public IP. We have therefore moved the management (MDM) to our secure G DATA CloudServers hosted in Germany. The mobile devices connect to our web service, which in turn interacts seamlessly with the G DATA Management Server.

When updating to version 15.4.x, all Android devices will be completely removed from the G DATA Management Server database. If necessary, please back up all necessary settings and information beforehand. Older G DATA Android apps will continue to run with their local settings, but will no longer be controllable via G DATA Management Server.

Why do you no longer find information about the version statuses of the virus signatures?

Until the beginning of the millennium, it was enough to analyze malware in the lab and detect the malicious files with newly created signatures. Since then, we have to react to new threats faster and faster.

An effective way out of this dilemma is to send security-relevant information about files to a backend, compile the data from many users there, and use it to draw conclusions about current threats. The trick is to select or anonymize the relevant data in such a way that the privacy of the users is preserved. Today, it is no longer possible to guarantee adequate security without using telemetry data.

Today, this telemetry data has become more important for fast and effective protection of your device than signature-based detection. The information required to provide this protection exceeds the capacities of the devices to be protected many times over and can therefore no longer be transmitted. Although some information is still available based on signatures, the version number plays a rather subordinate role for administrators. It is more important to focus on the actual events. To give administrators the best possible overview here, we replaced the old "virus signature status" and "reports" tools with the new recommended "actions"during the development of the new G DATA Mobile Device Management.

Further information concerning usage of telemetry data can be looked up here (only in German for now).

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