G DATA Mobile Device Management: Emergency Actions in detail

The following article explains the possible emergency actions in the G DATA Mobile Device Management in detail

Locate device

You can use this function to send a locate command. Provided that location tracking is enabled on the device, you will then receive a Google Maps display in the device state where exactly the device is located.

Trigger signal tone

This function is not bound to the volume settings of the device. Even if the ringtones are turned off on the device, a loud beep will start after the command is sent. This will only stop when the G DATA Endpoint Security Android app is opened on the device.

A thief without a pin cannot turn off the sound.

Lock device

Assign a 4-digit numeric PIN here and send it to the device. The screen is immediately locked and can no longer be unlocked without this PIN.

This PIN is intended for one-time use and is not stored. If the device is found again at a later time and you no longer have the PIN, you can send a new PIN to the device. This will overwrite the old PIN. The device can then be unlocked again.
This feature is only available for Android devices.

Delete data

If the device is probably in the wrong hands, you can use this function to reset the device to factory settings. This will delete all data, such as apps, contacts, photos and other files.

This step also removes the G DATA Endpoint Security Android app. This means that tracking is no longer possible. Any PIN that you may have set will also no longer lock the screen. From this point on, the device will also no longer report to G DATA Mobile Device Management.
Emergency Actions