Changelog 15.6

New features

  • In G DATA Management Server, it is now possible to decide whether or not an affected client should be notified in the event of detections in Deepray. If the feature is enabled, the client will receive a notification via a pop-up window.

General modifications

  • G DATA Business Solutions can now be configured in such a way that, in the case of detections, the information about the detection is sent to a client, but the client has no choice as to the subsequent steps to be taken. This means that the administrator has the sole authority to decide how to deal with detections.

  • Improved information processing and connection of our reports to SIEM (Security Information & Event Management). This means that there may be more detections, but the reason for this is the improved information processing.

  • Improved installation behaviour for environments with outdated TLS versions.

  • As announced in the changelog of version 15.5, the old iOS MDM (mobile device management) has been removed and the use of the new version of iOS MDM is assumed with this update.


  • Blacklisted applications can also no longer be started with administrator rights.

  • The use of a remote desktop keyboard is no longer blocked by the Keyboard Guard.

  • The Outlook plugin could prevent the Microsoft Outlook process from finishing completely in rare cases. This has been fixed.

  • The removal of a subnet in G DATA Administrator and a subsequent re-authentication no longer prevents a program update.

  • On systems with the presence of several .NET applications, each having their own runtime environment, it could happen in rare cases that the update of individual .NET applications was blocked. This has been fixed.

G DATA Management Server

  • The prioritization of rules in the rule wizard is now saved correctly.

G DATA Administrator

  • Paths to be excluded for scan jobs specified in "ConfModuleAvMsg" are now also taken into account in Linux and MAC clients.

  • Improved behaviour of reports in the context of email groups.

  • Affects only clients with Versions <15.1: The absence of Engine B on outdated clients no longer causes a security warning in G DATA Administrator. We strongly recommend updating affected clients as they are no longer compatible with the Engine B.


  • The Keyboard Guard no longer blocks keyboards if they have been replaced while the respective computer had been shut down.


  • Improved performance for clients, fixed performance losses due to increased CPU usage by the "gdesclient" process.


  • Communication between G DATA Management Server and Android mobile devices via port 7183 has been closed.