First steps, installation and essential basics about G DATA Business Solutions

Essential Basics

Main Modules
Module Description

G DATA Management Server

The G DATA Management Server is the server module of the software.

G DATA Administrator

This is the G DATA Management Server interface, where you manage your client configurations and view all logs and statistics. For one G DATA Management Server, multiple G DATA Administrators can be installed on different computers.

G DATA Security Client

This is the actual protection component. Its type and scope depends on the license you have purchased. Each system to be protected (including the system on which G DATA Management Server resides) requires a client installation.

Different clients are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS operating systems.

Microsoft Datenbank

G DATA Management Server requires a Microsoft database to store and manage all relevant data. Which database you choose is up to you. You can install a new database instance, a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express through our installation routine, or use an existing instance. As a rule, it does not matter whether you use a full version or an Express version. Only the Patch Management add-on module requires a full version of the Microsoft database. Even with a large number of clients, it can happen that the express versions from Microsoft reach their limits.

Before installing the G DATA Management Servers

Before you begin, some questions must be clarified.

  • Are the minimum system requirements met on the system where you want to install G DATA Management Server?

  • Is there enough free space on the selected server / drive (at least 5 GB and at least 10% of the total drive)?

  • Which database should be used? Instructions on how to install a Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Express before installing the G DATA Management Server and what to look for, you will find in this chapter.

  • Are the required ports for G DATA Management Server already being used by another process?

In this case, the G DATA Management Server service will not run after installation. Change the port after installation and start the G DATA Management Server service.

Which steps are necessary now?

  1. Install the G DATA Management Server first. This installation will also install a G DATA Administrator on the same system.

  2. The first time you start the G DATA Administrator on the server, the setup wizard starts. All settings made with the setup wizard can also be changed later. Follow the setup wizard and activate the clients (activate clients means you create a record in the database for this client).

  3. Download the virus signatures from the G DATA Management Server directly afterwards.

  4. Install the clients. There are several ways to do this.

  5. Check that all clients have logged into G DATA Management Server after installation and that authorisation has taken place.