G DATA Business Solutions: Set up MES server in own cloud

This is how you re-set up the G DATA Management Server on your MES Server:

  1. Install G DATA Management Server on your MES-Server.
    Please note the following points:

  2. License your registration number or enter your access data.

  3. Load virus signatures, after this you will find all licence details in G DATA Administrator.

  4. Create the tenants.

  5. Make sure that G DATA Management Server is accessible to the clients via port 7161/TCP.
    You can check this with steps 2-4 from the Client has no connection to G DATA Management Server guide. To do this, use your public IP or the domain information (e.g. Telnet gdata.meinedomäne.de 7161).
    If the connection works, you will receive a string. Otherwise, the message No connection could be established appears.

  6. Story your public IP or your domain in the G DATA Management Server database.

  7. Create a separate installation package for each tenant.

  8. Migrate existing client installations to the different tenants.

  9. Install G DATA Security Client on all endpoints that are not yet protected using the installation package created for the relevant tenant.