G DATA Business Solutions: Moving G DATA Management Server to another computer

This guide shows you how to move the ManagementServer to another computer.


Open the services' administration (services.msc) and stop the services G DATA Management Server and SQL Server (Instanzname). For example SQL Server (GDATA2014).


From the Microsoft SQL Server program directory, save the two necessary database files DatabaseName.mdf and DatabaseName.ldf.

C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.GDATA2014\MSSQL\DATA die Dateien GDATA_AntiVirus_MMS_[Timestamp].mdf sowie GDATA_AntiVirus_MMS_[Timestamp].ldf

C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.GDATA2014\MSSQL\DATA die Dateien GDATA_AntiVirus_MMS_[Timestamp].mdf sowie GDATA_AntiVirus_MMS_[Timestamp].mdf


Install G DATA Management Server on the newly designated server. Here it is possible to use the same or a newer version of G DATA Management Server.

Moving to an older version is not possible.


Stop the services described in step 1 now also on the new server to be able to migrate the database again.


Rename the files backed up from the old server to match the newly created files on the new server. Especially the [Timestamp] has to be taken into account, because it always differs even if the database has the same name.


Navigate to the Data directory of the SQL Server - e.g.

C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.GDATA2014\MSSQL\DATA

and insert here the files saved in step 2 and renamed in step 5. In doing so, you overwrite the existing files.


Restart the services that were deactivated in step 4. G DATA Management Server now automatically integrates the migrated database.


Open the command prompt (right-click > Run as administrator) and navigate to the directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\G Data\G DATA AntiVirus ManagementServer


Execute the command:

GData.Business.Server.Cli.exe setmmshostname

and restart the G DATA Management Server service after successfully executing the command.


If the new server has a different name than the previous server, the already installed G DATA Security Clients must be changed to the new server name via Group Policy.
To do this, the Server value of the


key must be changed to the name of the new server.

For help on how to migrate clients via group policy, see our Guide to G DATA Security Client Migration via GPO.