Parameters for the setup routines (setup.exe) and install packages (windowsfullagent.exe)

All setups and the installation packages can be executed silently via parameters.

These are all possible parameters:




necessary parameters if silent installation is required.


Please specify whether to install or uninstall.


Used for installations. Indication of the desired language.


Used for installations. Specifies which G DATA Management Server is to be contacted.

/@GroupName=“Name der Main-Group“/subgroup

Used for installations. Specifies in which group or subgroup the client is to be created.

/_PerformRestartConfirmed=true/false (Neustart/kein Neustart nach Installation)

Specifies whether a reboot is to be carried out immediately after the setup has been executed.


Specifies the name with which the client reports to the ManagementServer. Any character string can be used here.


Is required in MES or multi-client environments, more information on package IDs can be found here.


If you want to install a client with the installation package silent (without rebooting), take the following parameters:

windowsfullagent.exe /InstallMode=Install /_QuietInstallation="true"