G DATA Quarantäne Tool

This article describes the G DATA Quarantäne Tool


This tool enables access to the files in the quarantine if access via the G DATA Management Server is not possible (anymore). With this tool it is also possible to move files back not only to their original location, but also to any folder. The tool must be used with caution, as it could lead to an infection if the files are mishandled.

You can obtain the tool under the following link: G DATA Quarantäne Tool

Additional Information

When a file is moved to the quarantine, it remains on the client machine above a certain size. Smaller files are transferred to the computer with the G DATA Management Server installation (if it is accessible). This limit can be set in the administrator (tab Management Server → General Settings → Synchronisation). The default is set to 10 MB.

On the client, the directories are located in the folder

C:\ProgramData\G Data\AntiVirusKit Client\Quarantine

On the G DATA Management Server the files are located in the folder

C:\ProgramData\G Data\AntiVirus ManagementServer\Quarantine

After it is started, the "Quarantine" module immediately displays the local quarantine. It uses the quarantine paths mentioned above and lists all files together with some metadata. If the tool cannot find the correct folder automatically, it can also be set manually. Before moving a file back, the file must have an exception set for the guard, otherwise it may hit again immediately and the file cannot be written.

The following options are available:

Clean and move back

An attempt is first made to return an original file modified by a virus to its original state (e.g. an own xls file in which a virus has inserted a macro). This function makes no sense if the file was brought onto the system by a virus.

In the case of falsely reported files (false positives), the attempt to disinfect a file can lead to data loss in the worst case. The file is then moved back to its original location.

Move back

Copies the file back to its original directory. The content of the file is not changed.

Move back (new folder)

Copies the file to a directory of your choice.


Re-reads the files in the quarantine folder.

Save log

Saves the list of data collected by the tool.