G DATA Business Solutions: Enter IP or FQDN in database

This is how you enter the IP or FQDN of the computer in the G DATA Management Server:

Enter your public IP or DNS name in the database of the G DATA Management Server via cmd:

  • "myserver.mydomain.tld" corresponds to the public name or IP.

  • You can view the instance name ".\GDATA2014" as well as the database name "GDATA_Antivirus_MMS" in the configuration file on your G DATA Management Server The config.xml file.

    sqlcmd.exe -S .\GDATA2014 -d GData_AntiVirus_MMS -Q"INSERT INTO server (Parameter, Value0) VALUES ('ServerNamesForAgents','myserver.mydomain.tld')"
  • Instead of your domain (myserver.mydomain.tld) the public IP can also be used here.

All computers that have a connection to your G DATA Management Server will automatically receive the value as the server name

HKLM -> Software -> WOW6432NODE → G DATA -> AVKClient → Server

the next time the client contacts you.

As a rule, your client systems should not yet have any contact at this point. Otherwise, these endpoints sort themselves into the default tenant and have to be moved again.

Newly created installation packages contain this information for the local installation.