G DATA technical support

Installation and use of G DATA software is easy and self-explanatory. However, if you encounter a problem, just get in touch with our competent support staff:

Before contacting Support, please check the configuration of your computer and network. The following information is important:

  • The version number of G DATA Administrator, which can be found in the help menu.

  • The serial number or the Internet Update username. The serial number can be found in the order confirmation. When in doubt, contact your reseller or distributor.

  • The exact version number of the operating system (client/server).

  • Additional hardware and software components (client/server).

  • Any errors that may have occurred (error messages, including error codes) in their exact wording.

By providing these details, contact with our Support staff will be easier, quicker and more successful. If possible, please make sure that you can readily access a PC on which G DATA Administrator is available.