G DATA Exchange Mail Security

An optional modul of the G DATA Business Solutions family of products is the G DATA Exchange Mail Security.

G DATA Exchange Mail Security checks all mail traffic in your company and blocks the delivery of infected emails or unwanted spam to users.

An existing Exchange workflow was supplemented with G DATA Exchange Mail Security. The plug-in’s deep integration with the server ensures transparent malware protection. All incoming and outgoing objects are scanned in internal and external mail traffic. No user interaction is required and no delays are noticeable.

The plug-in is installed on the Exchange server and then connects to G DATA Management Server. An Exchange entry appears in the object tree.


With an on-demand scan job, not only the mailbox owner (via OutlookAddIn), but also the responsible administrator can scan mailboxes and remove undetected threats. These jobs can be configured as regular scans through the mailboxes (individual mailboxes, mailbox groups, all mailboxes).


The access scan is comparable to the file system guard of G DATA Security Client. It checks all incoming and outgoing mail on the Exchange server for virus infections and spam. Since G DATA Exchange Mail Security checks directly in the transport service, both internal and external mail traffic is monitored and handled according to the configured settings.


The anti-spam function filters out unwanted advertising mails on the server side, so that they are not delivered to the user at all.

All incoming emails are scanned and categorized as safe, suspected spam, high spam probability or very high spam probability. Safe messages are delivered immediately. Individual actions can be configured for each of the other three categories. Emails are then either not delivered, moved to the Spam or Quarantine folder, or delivered, and the subject marked with a prefix.

In addition to the three categories, spam is also filtered using a blacklist/whitelist approach. Email addresses and domains can be whitelisted to bypass the spam filter. All incoming messages from domains or addresses on the whitelist are considered safe and are delivered immediately. Messages on the blacklist are categorized as Very High Spam Probability without further checking and are handled according to the Very High Spam Probability setting.

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