Changelog 15.7

New features

  • Synchronization of settings for web protection. There is now a single whitelist in all product variants that can be set in the G DATA Management Server under Client settings - Web - Global whitelists and is used by all qualified clients.

General modifications

  • Character length for passwords for licenses significantly increased to ensure even more secure passwords.

  • Important: Support for Windows 7 systems as well as Microsoft Server 2008 R2 will be discontinued with this update. If you are still using systems with these operating systems, we strongly recommend switching to a higher version for security reasons.

With this update, the installation packages for the G DATA Management Server contain Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express instead of the SQL Server 2014 Express version. It is of course still possible to use other databases. These must then be set up independently and connected to the Management Server.


  • Internal structure of client installation packages improved to enable more possibilities for peer-to-peer transfer. Manually installed clients can now also be used as a source.

  • Procedure for analyzing and deleting malware was improved.

G DATA Management Server

  • Improved connection to subnet (Management) servers. In some cases, it could happen that the main G DATA Management Server was used instead of the subnet server, despite the correct configuration. Connections are now always established to the server specified in the configuration.

  • Web protection now forwards reports about client-side findings on websites to the management server once again, in addition to recording them in the local event log.

G DATA Administrator

  • The status of reports for moving infected files to quarantine on clients is no longer labeled as "Virus found" in the G DATA Administrator under Logs - Security events. Instead, the status "Quarantine: File moved to quarantine" is now correctly stated.

G DATA Security Client

  • Users of G DATA Security Clients are only informed with a notification window in the event of an actual virus detection. Cases in which files cannot be scanned due to password protection or non-existent permissions are still reported, but the end user is no longer notified with a notification window.

  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause a virus removal to incorrectly be reported to the management server as a move to quarantine.

  • Internal process in G DATA Security Client regarding password-protected settings improved.

  • Correct reporting when moving infected files to quarantine. It could occur that these processes were incorrectly listed in the status report with the status "Access blocked".

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the agent’s user interface to freeze when scanning a very large file (including Engine A and Engine B) was interrupted.


  • Client: Improved scan behavior. Internal, temporary files are now safely removed again and do not remain in the Windows temp directory in special cases.

  • The progress bar in the system tray icon now correctly shows the progress of a scan and does not stop at "0%…​" in some cases.


  • Upper limit for file sizes for real-time scans from the file guard has been removed.

Modified system supports

  • Removed: Support for Windows 7 is discontinued.

  • Removed: Support for Microsoft Server 2008 R2 is discontinued.