Installation of the G DATA Management Server

If you are not yet familiar with the installation of our business versions, please take a look at the Getting Started information first..
Step Action


Download the installation file: Download.


Start the setup (unzip the zip file first).


Select G DATA Management Server from the menu.


Select the preferred language and click Next.


Start the installation.


Accept the licence agreement by ticking the checkbox (these can be printed if required via the Print button) and click Next.


Select the directory in which you want to install G DATA Management Server and click Next.


Select which type of G DATA Management Server you want to install and click Next.


Select whether an existing SQL server is to be used or whether you want to install a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express as well. Then click on Next.


Confirm your selection once again with Next. The installation begins.


In case you have specified to use an existing SQL server, a window will now open for assigning the desired instance. Fill in the information and click Next.

.Additional information [%collapsible] ==== At this point you need to

. assign an SQL server to the G DATA Management Server, . give the database a name (or select an existing database) and . specify a user for the G DATA Management Server to log on to the SQL server.

If you have any questions about this, you will find further explanations in this chapter.

image::Business/InstMMSAuswahlDB.png[Installation G DATA Management Server Auswahl Datenbank,80%] image::Business/InstMMSAuswahlUser.png[Installation G DATA Management Server Benutzer eintragen,80%] ====

TIP: If problems occur here, complete the installation process without assigning an SQL server. You can do this later when you have found out the cause of the issue.


The next window gives you the option of registering a licence number, entering user names and passwords that already exist or skipping this point for the time being.

If you have any questions or need help with further problem solving, please feel free to contact our business support: G DATA Technischer Support.