G DATA Mobile Device Management: Permissions

Informationen about the required Permissions for the G DATA Endpoint Security Android App

G DATA Endpoint Security Android requires extensive permissions for the protection it provides. During the installation process, the user is informed in detail about the actions for which we require certain permissions. The privacy policy, which you can view after opening the G DATA Endpoint Security Android app, also provides extensive information. Regarding the telemetry data collected by G DATA, we have summarized all the information for you on this page (only in German for now).

In addition, you can get a quick overview of the type, scope and reason of necessary permissions on this page.

Overview System Permissions

Permission Function


Enables device localization even when the G DATA Endpoint Security Android app is running in the background.


Enables to query an approximate location in the system. An attempt is made to determine the location by means of network triangulation.


Enables more precise location data to be queried in the system. Both network triangulation and GPS coordinates are used.


Enables to check if the device is currently communicating via mobile data or via WIFI on the Internet.


Enables scanning of the QR code for connecting to the G DATA Mobile Device Management System when initially setting up a device.


Enables to suggest WiFis as connection recommendation.


Enables it to be permanently active to ensure lasting protective performance.


Enables the reading of the processes currently running on the system. This is necessary to detect if a locked app has been started.


Enables communication via the Internet (necessary to process telemetry data and connect to G DATA Mobile Device Management).


Enables scanning of content on external file media (SD cards).


Enables reading device status information such as model, manufacturer or installed Android version.


Enables the G DATA Endpoint Security Android app to start automatically after the device is booted. Analogous to the startup in Windows


Enables manipulating the order of processes currently running on the system. This is necessary for G DATA Endpoint Security Android to be able to get in front of a newly started app and to block it.


Enables uninstall requests in case of a malware detection.


Enables our Endpoint Security to scan apps before the actual installation (Sideload Scan).


Enables to delete files (not apps).


Enables scanning of all files on the system.