Update status of your operating systems (March 2022)

Microsoft is continuously striving to increase the security of IT systems and thus also the security of customers and users. Some resulting measures mean that software manufacturers have to make adjustments in order to comply with new specifications.

With product versions 15.2.x, G DATA already complies with the latest specifications.

It is therefore necessary for our customers that the operating systems are also at a current update level in order to support these specifications and adaptations.

New G DATA product versions cannot be operated without the required operating system updates. Program updates or new installations are canceled with the indication that Windows updates are missing.

Due to the way Microsoft distributes its cumulative security updates, it is necessary to install at least one quality or "B" update since October 2021 in order to use the current protection features of both your Windows and G DATA software.

Further information can be found in the technical Microsoft documentation.