G DATA Business Solutions: Debugging with DebugView: Windows Client, ExchangePlugIn

With this guide, you can debug various components of G DATA Security Client (Windows).

These include:

  • The "G DATA Security Client" service

  • The "G DATA Proxy" service

  • The "G DATA Scanner" service

  • The client’s Internet update

  • The ExchangePlugIn


Download the DebugView tool and create the necessary keys according to the table: DebugView.

If you have set a registry key for debugging the AVKProxy or AVKScanP processes, the computer must be rebooted once. For the AVKClient, InternetUpdate and Exchange services/processes, restarting the corresponding service/process is sufficient.


Open the DebugView tool.


In the menu bar under Capture, activate the Capture Global Win32 option.


In the DebugView, change the display from milliseconds to time (CTRL-T).

For longer logs, additionally have the outputs written directly to a file (File > LogToFile). Choose a path with sufficient storage space.


To debug, reproduce your problem now. If you want to debug a function or service, restart it(s) now.


If the necessary data is included, then save the DebugView log via File > Save.


After saving the log, set the DebugLevel to 0 or remove the entire DebugLevel entry.


If necessary, send our G DATA Business Support the log file, with additional information if necessary: Contact Support.