Guide for Linux Installations

Installationen via G DATA Administrator

The G DATA Security Client Linux and the G DATA Samba PlugIn for Linux can be installed via the G DATA Management Server.

Installation via G DATA Management Server

Step-by-step instructions for installation via the G DATA Management Server, can be found on the page Installation Client via G DATA Management Server.

Lokale Installationen

All Linux products and modules can be installed locally on the Linux systems.

The following modules can optionally be installed locally:

  • G DATA Security Client Linux

  • G DATA Samba Plugin

The following products can only be installed locally:

  • G DATA Linux Mail Security Gateway

  • G DATA Linux Web Security Gateway

First it is necessary to create a installation script (installation package).

In the Client selection select G DATA Security Client for Linux.

Copy the script to the Linux system in the folder /tmp. and follow the instructions for Local installation on Linux systems.