G DATA Management Server

Choosing the correct database

Especially for new installations, the question arises as to which database should be used. Depending on the server intended for the installation of G DATA Management Server and the network structure, the answer may vary.

In our setup, we offer to install a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express database for you in silent mode. This is a helpful support for a quick installation on a common system.

However, it is not always the best choice for all customers in every case. From Server 2019 or Windows 10, it makes sense to use an up-to-date database instance that also matches your operating system. This optimises performance and prevents problems with starting services on fast servers and in virtual machines.

Even if databases are already installed on the server, or even a full version is operated in-house, it should be considered whether it really makes sense to install an additional database instance. The G DATA Management Server database can be integrated into an existing instance without any problems.

If you have decided to use a current Microsoft SQL database instance, install the desired database, including Microsoft Management Studio, before starting the installation of our G DATA Management Server.