the installation logs of G DATA Business Solutions

Log files for all setup operations (installation, uninstallation, update).


The installation wizard of the G DATA Management Servers, G DATA Administrators, G DATA Web Administrators, G DATA Mobile Administrator, G DATA Security Clients, G DATA Bootmedium Wizards and the G DATA Exchange Mail Security helps the administrator to install the software without problems with appropriate on-screen hints.

If, immediately after completing the installation wizard, individual components cause problems or do not run at all, it should be checked whether the wizard installed all components correctly or whether problems occurred.

Log files for all setup operations (installation, uninstallation, update) are stored under

%ProgramData%\G Data\Setups\Logs.

During setup, progress is logged in a log file with the component name and a timestamp. After the setup is completed or aborted, the log file is compressed as a zip file with the same file name structure.


The installation of G DATA Security Client for Linux is logged locally at:


When installing via G DATA Administrator, the log file is also displayed in the "Installation Overview" window.