Changelog 15.5

New features

  • With this update, a new and improved Linux client is released.

General modifications

  • Improved information behaviour for virus detections. Instead of informing all users logged in on a server, only users who initiated the detection are informed. In addition, messages are no longer sent to users for whom virus detection notifications have been disabled in the G DATA Administrator settings.

  • In preparation for the upcoming integration of iOS devices into the new Mobile Device Management, all "Android" labels in the G DATA Administrator have been renamed to "Mobile Device Management". In addition, the iOS node has been marked as Legacy and was reorganised. The possibility to administrate iOS devices via this node is not affected. In the future, the administration of iOS devices will only be possible via the new Mobile Device Management. For a secure transition, we recommend that you timely add all your previously connected iOS devices to the new Mobile Device Management.


  • Copying and changing an existing firewall rule now works properly.

  • When creating installation packages, it could happen that the freely selectable entry "Main Server (Hostname/IP)" was overwritten with values directly from the G DATA Management Server. This no longer happens.

  • Due to the interaction of rare special characters and encoding, it could happen that only access to files was blocked when a virus was detected, but these files were not moved to the quarantine and no report was sent. This behaviour has been fixed.

  • Calculation of free space now also works if the logical database name differs from the actual database name.

G DATA Administrator

  • New version alerts that are displayed in G DATA Administrator can now be deactivated so that they are only displayed once. In addition, the notice now includes a link to the current changelog so that you are always informed about the latest changes.

  • Detection of the hardware ID of USB devices on clients where access to storage devices is prevented now works as expected. This simplifies adding the respective device to an Allowlist.


  • Information about the G DATA Security Client is now always written to the Windows registry during installation and update. This facilitates an automated software inventory.


  • Client: Fixed a wrong display that indicated outdated signatures on ARM64 clients.


  • Client: Fixed a rare issue that could prevent signature updates.

Changes in supported systems

  • New for G DATA Linux Client: RHEL 9 is now supported.