G DATA AVCleaner

This article describes the G DATA AVCleaner

General information about the G DATA AVCleaner

A tool for uninstalling G DATA components and cleaning a system from the possible remains of G DATA components after uninstallation.

You can get the AVCleaner from the following link: AVCleaner

What can I use the tool for?

The AVCleaner will help you uninstall the following Windows installations:

  • G DATA Management Server.

  • G DATA Security Client for Windows.

  • G DATA Exchange Mail Security.

Furthermore, the cleaner can be used to display any remaining G DATA components after an uninstallation. These can then be deleted using the tool.

How can I perform an uninstallation with the tool?

The G DATA AVCleaner initially displays only the associated setup files when G DATA software is still fully installed.

These are located in the following directories:
Component Folder

G DATA Management Server

%ProgramData%\G Data\Server

G DATA Administrator

%ProgramData%\G Data\Setups\G DATA ADMINISTRATOR

G DATA WebAdministrator

%ProgramData%\G Data\SLAdmin

G DATA MobileAdministrator

%ProgramData%\G Data\MobileAdmin

G DATA Security Client (Windows)

%ProgramData%\G Data\client

G DATA Exchange Mail Security


G DATA Bootmedium Wizard

C%ProgramData%\G Data\Setups\G DATA BOOTMEDIUM

Click on the software you want to uninstall and then on "Uninstall". In the case of the setup file, this will not be deleted hereby, but it will suggest the appropriate uninstallation.

When starting the tool on a server on which several G DATA components are present, ALL setups are displayed. Here it can come fast to confusions, if there are only remnants of a component.

If there is only one G DATA software on the computer or if all installations are to be removed, any remaining G DATA components can be removed using the same procedure.

The parameters of the G DATA AVCleaner

The following parameters are possible:

AVCleaner.exe -cleanall
  • All AVK components will be removed.

  • If not all components could be removed, a "Restart computer" dialog will appear.

  • If all components have been removed, a "All components removed" dialog will appear.

AVCleaner.exe -cleanall –nomessage
  • Same as -cleanall, but no dialog is displayed if the computer needs to be restarted, the computer is restarted automatically.

  • If all components are removed, no dialog will be displayed, AVCleaner will be terminated immediately.

No matter which variant you choose, the AVCleaner must be run 2x in any case, so that all components can be removed as well.