Changelog 15.4

New features

  • Improved Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Android devices: G DATA Mobile Device Management has been completely revised. With this version, we offer a new, web-based MDM with improved user guidance and a modern design optimized for mobile devices. The client software for the devices managed in MDM can be easily installed via the Store. Additionally, the devices can now optionally be set up and integrated completely remotely. With this fundamental change, all previously managed devices must be registered anew once.

  • Patch management support for newer systems: Newer Windows systems are supported from now on. Details can be found in the "Changed system support" section.

General modifications

  • As Android devices are now managed via a separate web interface, all Android-related UI elements and functionalities that are no longer used, have been removed from the G DATA Management Server admin interface.

  • Web protection for all supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge) can now be enabled and disabled separately for clients from version 15.2.1. The client and admin interfaces have been adapted accordingly.

  • Client: To reduce the size of log files, "access denied" and "password protected archive" events are no longer persisted in the event log.

  • Client: Improved AMSI support in multitasking scenarios.


  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Microsoft Outlook to close immediately after startup.

  • Management Server: In special cases, when configuring the Business Server, an erroneous message could be displayed when renaming an SQL database. The error message incorrectly stated that there was only little space left on a hard disk. This issue has been resolved.

  • Client: In rare cases it could happen that the port scanner insufficiently checked e-mails received via IMAP. This error has been fixed.

  • Client: Fixed an error that could cause the scheduled execution time to be set backwards when automatically executing backup jobs, which resulted in the job not being executed.

  • Mac: Fixed an error displaying Mac clients as Linux clients in the Management Server.

  • Mac: Fixed a bug that caused G DATA Administrator to display hardware details of Mac clients incorrectly.

  • Many other minor bug fixes and internal improvements.


  • Installing G DATA products on ARM-based Windows computers could lead to errors. To prevent this, an according check is performed in the installation process and the installation is aborted if necessary.


  • Client: ARM64 technology will now be supported on Mac clients.


Changed system supports

  • New (Patch-Management): Windows 11

  • New (Patch-Management): Windows Server 2019 und 2022

  • Changed: Mac benötigt mindestens macOS 10.15 Catalina