Error messages related to the transport service occur during a Microsoft Exchange update

Problem Description

When deploying a recent Microsoft Exchange update (CU), error messages regarding the Microsoft Exchange transport service occur when G DATA Exchange Mail Security for Exchange is installed.

These problems can occur, among other things, when accesses of our transport agents take place during the Exchange update, thus hindering the transport service during the update.


During an Exchange update, various unfavorable constellations can occur due to the activities of protection modules of a virus program, which cause problems for the update. A known constellation are unfortunate coincidences of Exchange update and activities in the transport service by various agents.

To avoid this problem (at least with regard to our G DATA agents), we advise disabling G DATA transport agents before an Exchange update and re-enabling them afterwards.

Do not forget to reactivate the agents after the update! Since the G DATA Exchange Mail Security service would continue to run even without active agents, normal interaction with G DATA Management Server also takes place. So it’s easy to overlook the fact that no mails are being checked anymore.

If you are not sure, you can always check the status of our agents.

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