Licensing G DATA Business Solutions

The registration number

The registration number consists of a 25-digit letter/number combination. 5 blocks of 5 characters each, separated by a hyphen.

The registration number is handed out when the product is purchased.

It entitles the buyer to use the purchased product variant within a purchased period of time, including all current software and virus signature versions. The product variant, the term and the number of licences purchased are linked to the number. The licence can be extended or renewed. Upon renewal, an upgrade or downgrade to another product variant can also take place.

Username and password (Credentials)

After the installation of the G DATA Management Server, the purchased registration number must be registered once in the name of the holder of the licence. From this point on, the purchased period starts.

This instruction explains how the registration must be carried out: register registration number.

When reinstalling a G DATA Management Server already registered in your name, only the username and password must be entered.

If you no longer have the credentials, you can reset the password at the following link: