G DATA Mobile Device Management: Emergency Actions

This article describes the Emergency Actions

Emergency actions replace the reports you were previously familiar with. As soon as a emergency actions are available, the system icon in the device overview (mobile devices) shows you a red dot.

Click on the corresponding device, you will find the recommended action under Status.

MDM Handlungsempfehlungen

When are emergency actions triggered?

The following activities trigger recommended actions:

  • When a device does not report to G DATA Mobile Device Management for an extended period of time (1 week).

  • Upon detection of an infected app.

  • When an infected file is detected.

  • When a SIM card change is detected (if it is a known action, the administrator can simply acknowledge it).

  • If rooting is prohibited by policy, rooted devices will trigger a recommended action.

How are emergency actions processed?

As soon as there is a emergency action, you will see a red dot next to the operating system icon in the device list. If you click on the device, you will see the emergency action in the status. In case of a virus detection, all information about the detection is displayed here (including app name, virus name, date of detection, etc.). You can delete the file directly at this point. If the user has already deleted the file, you will be informed of this.

The process is completed via confirmation by the administrator.