This is how you install G DATA home products on your Windows PC

This article will guide you through the initial installation of G DATA Consumer Products on your computer

Für eine erfolgreiche Installation wird eine bestehende Internetverbindung benötigt.

Operating System:



G DATA Internet Security

G DATA Antivirus

G DATA Total Security

Before you start the installation, please make sure that your PC meets the system requirements.

When you purchased your product, you received a registration number. This registration number is used only once during the installation on your first computer.

If you do not know where to find your registration number, the following article may help: How to find your registration number.

① Download the latest version of your purchased G DATA product:

② Once the download of the installation file is complete, run it to start the installation.

③ Select the desired language and click Next.

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Total Security Install Language Selection GER 2019
Sprache auswählen

④ Choose your preferred installation method (our recommendation is standard installation).

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Total Security Install Method GER 2019
Choose installation method

⑤ Read the software license agreement. If you wish to continue, click Accept & Install.

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Total Security Install Term Agreement GER 2019
Accept license agreement

⑥ Read the information about the necessary collection of telemetry data, accept the agreement and click on Next.

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Telemetry data

⑦ Wait until the installation has been completed.

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Total Security Install Progress GER 2019
Await installation process

⑧ Click on Activate full version.

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Total Security Install Version Selection GER 2019
Click on Activate full version
If you purchased your G DATA software directly from our website, the license is automatically active afterwards. In this case it is not necessary to enter a registration number. You have received your access data in your order confirmation. You use your access data both in your G DATA software and for the login in My G DATA.