G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

Glossary G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

What terms might you come across in connection with G DATA 365 | Mail Protection and what do they mean?


On Premises Exchange Servers require a connector to enable inbound and outbound message flow on the Exchange Server and between services in the Exchange server and between services in the transport pipeline.
Microsoft Online generally no longer uses these connectors. After setting up his tenant, the administrator can add a domain for which mailboxes can be created immediately. To be able to receive emails, the administrator then only needs to direct the MX record to the Office 365 environment. No adjustments are required at all for sending, as the mailboxes can all send directly.
Connectors must always be created by an administrator if they want to deliver emails differently or if they want to set up preferences for certain senders.
This is why Office 365 also offers the option of setting up corresponding connectors.

Microsoft Graph API

Microsoft Graph API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface provided by Microsoft for controlled access to data and information in Microsoft 365.


The abbreviation MX stands for Mail Exchange. The MX record provides a querying mail server via DNS the information under which IP a mail server can be reached.


Every e-mail that is forwarded to the recipient’s mailbox is checked in the mailbox at irregular intervals for a few days.


A digital certificate is an electronic proof that is usually issued by a certification authority. Certificates are comparable to an identity card. A certificate can be used to securely assign a public key to a specific owner. The contents of a certificate can include information about the owner, a password, a domain, the issuer of the certificate and the validity period of the certificate.
You can also create a certificate yourself (self-signed public certificate).
The certificate required for our G DATA 365 | Mail Protection safeguards access to your Microsoft Exchange Online.