G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

Protocols of the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

G DATA 365 | Managed EDR

These actions of the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection are logged:

  • Incoming e-mails and their classification.
    Each incoming e-mail is given a sequential number. In the log, you can use the number to see whether the e-mail has been forwarded to the recipient’s mailbox, moved to the recipient’s junk folder as spam or quarantined as an infected e-mail.

  • Scans.
    Every e-mail that is forwarded to the recipient’s mailbox is checked in the mailbox at irregular intervals for a few days (rescan). In the logs you will find all rescans as well as scans that were initiated manually by a user.

  • Changes to the settings.
    Every change to the settings by users is logged.

By clicking on one of the rows, you will receive further information on the email in question and (via the rows created by the scanner) which detection took place.

It may happen that an e-mail that has been moved to the junk directory appears several times in the log due to a rescan.

The columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order using an arrow next to the column name.