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Quarantine settings

G DATA 365 | Managed EDR
Do not forget to save all changes using the button in the top right-hand corner of the window. The position of the toggle switch and the stored values are only applied after saving.

Quarantine cleanup

The e-mails moved to quarantine are deleted after 30 days. You have the option of shortening this period. Enter how many days the e-mails should be kept in quarantine. Any number between 1 and 30 is accepted.

Microsoft Defender

If you have activated in the mail server settings that the quarantine of the Microsoft Defender should be managed by G DATA 365 | Mail Protection, then the e-mails moved by Microsoft to quarantine are checked again by G DATA 365 | Mail Protection.

If our detection technologies also classify the e-mails as infected, the e-mails are moved to the quarantine of the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection.

Even if our technologies cannot confirm the detection of Microsoft Defender, we move the e-mail to the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection quarantine by default. This means you can make the decision to release them on a case-by-case basis (→ Move to the 365 Mail Protection quarantine). If you do not wish to do this, activate Deliver e-mails to recipients. In this case, we will forward the e-mails directly to the recipients' mailboxes.

The Microsoft Defender tile is only visible as shown in the screenshot if activate in the settings of the mail server the function administrate Microsoft quarantine.

Status messages

It is possible to notify the recipients of infected and quarantined e-mails either immediately or collectively at a specific time.

Use the Send e-mail status toggle to switch the sending of notification e-mails on or off. With the Send status e-mails collectively toggle, you can set up that these status e-mails are not to be sent to the recipients immediately after the original e-mail has been moved to quarantine, but collectively at a defined time.

Click on the cogwheel Zahnrad, in case you want to send the notification mails collectively. A window will open in which you can specify the sending time:

Either by selecting a templates:

G DATA 365 | Managed EDR

Or by using a pull-down menu to define the interval manually:

G DATA 365 | Managed EDR

Edit status e-mails

Via the button Edit Templates you can open a small text editor with which you can customize the content of the status e-mail according to your wishes.

The existing default text informs the original recipient of the original e-mail about:

  • The subject of the infected e-mail.

  • The sender e-mail address of the infected e-mail.

  • The recipient e-mail address of the infected e-mail.

  • The date and time the infected e-mail was received.

  • The ID assigned by G DATA 365 | Mail Protection to this e-mail.

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