G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

Set-up guide G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

This article is aimed at people who are setting up our product G DATA 365 | Mail Protection for the first time and want to get an overview of the steps required.

Follow these steps to set up smooth operation:

  1. Register the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection in the Microsoft Entra Center as an enterprise application.

  2. Give G DATA 365 | Mail Protection the permissions required for full operation.
    These are required:

    • so that you can conveniently manage the Microsoft 365 quarantine together with the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection quarantine via our web interface.

    • so that emails in the mailboxes can be scanned again at a later date.

    • infected mails can be retrieved from the mailboxes and moved to quarantine.

  3. Add the Microsoft Exchange Online to be monitored in the G DATA Web-Portal.

  4. Finally, in your Microsoft Exchange Online create an inbound and an outbound connector and a rule.

For a seamless retrieval of the portal information from our backend, it is essential that the outgoing port 2675/TCP is available.

Should there be any display issues when retrieving the information in the G DATA Web-Portal, kindly verify your firewall settings. In the event that the connection is unsuccessful, an error message will be displayed.

After performing these steps, the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection is ready for use.