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G DATA 365 | Managed EDR

In addition to the Rescans, you can manually scan the e-mails from the last 14 days in the mailboxes of one or more recipients.

By clicking Search icon in the row of the mailbox, you can manually scan the e-mails of one recipient for the last 14 days.

Once the scan is complete, the results are displayed and the individual operations are also recorded in the protocol. There you can see which e-mails have been detected.

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Only one scan job can be processed at a time. If you receive the error message "A mail server is already being scanned", you can call up the current scan job with the button Show current scans.

You can scan several recipient mailboxes by checking the boxes in front of the desired mailboxes. The order to scan all ticked mailboxes is made via the three dots above the last column. These dots appear there as soon as you have marked a Checkbox.