G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

Instructions for setting up the connector and the rule. What must be observed?

By creating the rule, you intervene in the message flow. It is important that when you set up this e-mail does not run into the void.

The rule recognizes from the domain you have entered that an e-mail is to be sent via the outbound connector to the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection. As soon as the e-mail has been transferred to the connector, it is delivered to your Microsoft Exchange Online. Microsoft Exchange Online no longer asks whether the e-mail has been accepted by G DATA 365 | Mail Protection.

The rule may therefore only be enabled,

  • if the mail server is available in the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection

  • and all domains that you have put into the rule are active in G DATA 365 | Mail Protection under Settings→Server.


Otherwise, the incoming e-mails will be lost.

Please note the following factors:

  • When setting up the product for the first time, always proceed in the order described under Flowchart for the product launch G DATA 365 | Mail Protection.

  • Always activate new domains in the G DATA Web-Portal first before adding the domain to the rule.

  • Deactivate a domain in G DATA Web-Portal only if you have previously removed the domain from the rule.

  • Do not delete a server from the G DATA Web-Portal as long as a rule is still active in the Microsoft Exchange Online.

  • Domains that are not included in the rule but are active in G DATA 365 | Mail Protection do not have a scan of incoming e-mails. However, the e-mails are checked in the mailboxes as part of the rescan.

  • Domains that are not included in the rule and are deactivated in G DATA 365 | Mail Protection are not checked by the G DATA 365 | Mail Protection.

  • Domains that are included in the rule but are not active in G DATA 365 | Mail Protection will result in the loss of incoming emails for them.

If compliance with the above points is ensured, it is no longer necessary to change the MX record. If you cannot ensure that this procedure is always followed, changing the MX record directly in G DATA 365 | Mail Protection can minimize the risk of e-mail losses.
But beware! Incorrectly configured DNS can also lead the loss of e-mails!