G DATA Phishing Simulation

The test mailing

In the G DATA Awareness Manager under the tab Perform whitelisting, you find the option to send a test mail to your specified e-mail addresses. This allows you to test whether the phishing mails sent by us later can pass through your security mechanisms.


First send the test mail by clicking the corresponding button in the interface of the G DATA Awareness Manager.

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G DATA Phishing Simulation Testmail


Close the G DATA Awareness Manager. Otherwise, for technical reasons, there may be problems verifying the e-mail.


Check your mailbox to see if you have received an e-mail.


Click on the e-mail once. Under no circumstances should the e-mail be opened by double-clicking on it, as our server would immediately recognize opening the e-mail as a security breach. As a result, verification is no longer possible.

If you have done this by mistake, you can restart the process at step one.


If the verification code is not displayed because you have correctly blocked the downloading of images, right-click on the download link (see screenshot) and download the image.

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G DATA Phishing Simulation Testmail


Click on the link Verify with the confirmation code.


Enter the code from the test email, confirm that the attachment was still present and then click Verify.

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G DATA Phishing Simulation Testmail


After step seven, the G DATA Awareness Manager login window opens.
Log in and check whether the test mail has been marked with a green checkmark under the "Whitelisting" tab.

If a red X is displayed there, something has gone wrong. Check whether the Whitelisting has been carried out correctly and whether additional security software may need to be taken into account.
You can repeat the process as often as necessary from step one.