Forwarding the G DATA Awareness Manager

You can use the Forward button in the top right-hand corner of the G DATA Awareness Manager to invite other people outside and inside your organization to collaborate on a campaign.

Forward invitation to campaign button

After clicking on the button, a form will open where you can enter the first name, last name and the e-mail address of the person to be invited. You can also click on Already created users to get an overview of who is working on the campaign.

Form sheet

As soon as you have entered the required data, complete the process by clicking on Forward. This will send a message to the e-mail address provided and grant the invited person access to the G DATA Awareness Manager.

The invitation is only ever valid in the context of one specific phishing campaign and does not apply to all campaigns, should there be more than one.

What processing options does an invited person have?

People who have been invited to a campaign in the G DATA Awareness Manager can edit it extensively. They can:

  • define the campaign purpose

  • edit the reporting

  • determine the participants

  • start the campaign

  • download reports after completion of the campaign

  • edit whitelisting

If you as a partner do not have access to the network in which the campaign is being conducted, the customer must carry out the whitelist test.

Third parties can also be invited to already completed phishing campaigns, for example to accompany the evaluation.