G DATA Phishing Simulation

Procedure of a phishing simulation campaign

This article gives you an overview of how exactly a phishing simulation campaign purchased from us proceeds. Some preparations need to be made so that you receive meaningful results.

If our emails do not arrive in the mailboxes of your participants or the phishing links we have set up are not accessible to your participants, the results of the campaign will be useless.

The following procedure is planned:


First you will receive an e-mail with the link to our G DATA Awareness Manager. Click the Assign password link to be directed to registration process.


Choose a secure password and confirm your choice.

Set password


When you access our website for the first time, agree to our Privacy Policy and to the Agreement on commissioned data processing.


After the registration you can then go through the necessary steps in G DATA Awareness Manager. The time of the campaign start is determined by you within 28 days.

Before you start the campaign, check once again that all the information is correct.
Once you have started, you cannot make any further changes!