Scope of services of a standard phishing campaign

Delivery time and mailing

  • Duration of 4 weeks, one e-mail per week and employee.

  • Mailing coordinated with typical office hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).
    Mailing time at random (not all participants receive the e-mails at the same time).


  • E-mails are based on real cases.

  • Three e-mails each with a link to a coordinated website and one e-mail with an attachment (empty file in .docx format, no malicious code).

  • Partly personalized approach.

  • Available languages:

    • german

    • english

    • french

    • spanish

    • italian

    • dutch

    • swiss german


  • Intuitive to use web frontend Awareness Manager.

  • Import of participants manual or via CSV import (Active Directory).

  • Selection of start date.

  • Choice of whether a feedback page is displayed on click.

  • Whitelisting test for domains and e-mails.

  • Automatic provision of reporting at the end of the campaign.


  • Comprehensive report as PDF file.

  • List of the top scenarios with which a real attack would have been successful.

  • Recommendations for action that are tailored to your company’s risk.

  • Statistical evaluation of the interaction rate of your employees regarding opened emails, attachments, clicked links and disclosed data.

Optional, chargeable additional functions:

  • Group report (Categorization in groups of 10 or more e-mail addresses possible).

  • Individual evaluation as .xlsx.


  • Callback service or e-mail support.

  • Support directly from the manufacturer in Germany in both german and english.

  • Standard questions on the use of the phishing simulation and the smooth running of the campaigns.