G DATA 365 | MXDR product description

Why Managed XDR?

Classic antivirus solutions attempt to ward off attacks directly using preventive protection technologies. XDR solutions on the other hand, aim to detect the attacks that could not be inhibited by these preventive protection methods.

Modern solutions such as endpoint protection or next-gen AV often already contain certain detection functions that identify threats in the network based on behavior. The big difference is however, that XDR uses significantly enhanced threat detection sensors and allows G DATA Security Analysts interactive access to them (Detect). They can investigate suspicious processes in depth and intervene manually if necessary (Respond).

You can find detailed product information on our MXDR solution Website. In our Guide to EDR/XDR you can obtain detailed information on the general topic of Endpoint Detection and Response (Articles only available in german for now).

If you have any questions regarding G DATA 365 | MXDR, please contact our sales staff. They will be happy to advise you.

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