Endpoints are all devices on which an G DATA Agent is installed. This can be, for example, a laptop, desktop PC, server or a virtual machine. Currently, devices running Microsoft Windows are supported.

G DATA 365 | MXDR Endpoints

In the G DATA Web Portal under "Endpoints" you will find a list of all endpoints that have already connected to our G DATA Web Portal backend and have not been deleted.

1 Filter options

The list can be filtered by organisation unit (see screenshot).

2 The list row

In the row of each endpoint, you can see at a glance the name of the endpoint, its status, when the G DATA Agent was last seen by the G DATA Cloud Backend, the version of the installed agent, the tag you have assigned and the organisation unit in which the endpoint is located.

These states are possible

Agent installed
The G DATA Agent is installed on the endpoint.

Uninstallation planned
The uninstallation of the agent has been marked for this endpoint, but has not yet been started or carried out. The endpoint was not yet accessible.

No agent installed
If this status is displayed, the endpoint agent has been uninstalled but not removed from the list.

Click on this row to open the detail window.

3 Move To

4 Tag

It is possible to assign a freely selectable tag of your choice to each end point. This can be, for example, the name of the employee who owns this device. Or you need the information that this endpoint has a specific function (e.g. cash register systems, control units or similar).

To create a tag, click on Add description (1). It is possible to create multiple rows. Click on the x to delete the row (2). It is important that you mark your entry with the blue tick (Haken Blau) (3), so it will be saved.

G DATA 365 | MXDR Endpoints

5 Agent configuration

This section is for your information. Changes can only be made here by our G DATA Security Operations Team.

These points are activated by default. Both the immediate stopping of malicious code and the analysis by our G DATA Security Analysts are a prerequisite for a prompt and effective response to prevent damage from a security incident.

At product launch before onboarding, a precise list was drawn up with our {secoperation team} as to which of your systems we exclude from the agent’s response or from analysis by our G DATA Security Analysts. This was done after a precise risk analysis.

If you have any change requests for individual endpoints during operation, please contact our G DATA Security Operations Team.

6 Exclusions

This section is for your information. Changes can only be made here by our G DATA Security Operations Team.

If technical problems occur that you suspect are related to our agent, it is not necessary to define exclusions. Contact us in this case and we will check and rectify the problems as quickly as possible.

7 Uninstall Agent

At this point you can use the uninstall the agent and remove the endpoint from the list. Endpoints on which an installed agent is still running cannot be removed from the list.