Installation of the agent on a Microsoft Windows system

The agent is installed on Windows endpoints for individual installations via the command prompt. On a larger scale the agent can be rolled out by script via a group policy. Depending on the service level, our G DATA Security Operations Team will assist you if necessary.

For a single installation, proceed as follows:


Open a command prompt with administrative permissions.


Change to the directory in which the setup file is located.

You get the setup file from our G DATA Security Operations Team.


Start the setup with the following command:

[name_of_setup_file].exe /i /s /id=[????????-????-????-????????????]

Replace ????????-????-????-???????????? with your setup ID. This was given to you as part of the onboarding process by our G DATA Security Operations Team. If there are already agents on endpoints in this organisation unit, authorized users can also view the setup ID in the G DATA Web Portal on the details page of an already installed endpoint.

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G DATA 365 | MXDR SetupID