The G DATA Agent is equipped with a range of sensors that monitor your systems in different places and in various ways.

Incidents are generated by one or more alerts from the sensors.

If one of these sensors detects a suspicious process, it generates an alert and sends it to our backup systems. Various alerts that have been identified as belonging together are combined into one incident.

In the portal under G DATA 365 | MXDR → Incidents you will then see the incident with the associated alerts as well as an indication of the relevance of this incident for you.


Show alerts

Click on the arrow > in the Incident column, you can expand the view of the alerts associated with this incident.

Details page Incident

Click on the row of the incident to open the detailed window of the incident.

Show screenshot

Here you will see a summary of the status of the incident, the Recommended Actions and the Show detailed history button, which you can use to switch to the complete overview of the incident.

You can also access the complete overview of an incident directly from the list overview by clicking on the magnifying glass Lupe.

Detail page Alert

Click on the row of the incident to open the detail window of the alert.

Sorting and filtering

By clicking Filter above the incident list, you can filter the incidents according to how much attention they require from you.


The incidents can also be sorted (by clicking the column designation) by the time they were created or by relevance.