Here we will inform you about new features and important changes.


Improvements and the G DATA Mobile Device Management integration have been released with this update.

  • Visualized history of incidents: For better comprehensibility, a detailed timeline has been added to the detail view of incidents All interactions relating to the respective incident are listed here in chronological order.

  • G DATA Mobile Security in the G DATA Web Portal: We have integrated our G DATA Mobile Device Management for you. If you have purchased the corresponding product you can conveniently manage all your mobile devices directly within the G DATA Web Portal.


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New features and improvements:

  • New option for filtering Recommended Actions: The list on the Recommended Actions overview page can be filtered based on the priority and/or status of the Recommended Actions.


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New features and improvements:

  • New option for filtering incidents: The list of incidents can be filtered based on the relevance of incidents.


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New features and improvements:

  • We have developed a concise dashboard. This displays information on the endpoints, current incidents and Recommended Actions.

  • A tray icon is now displayed on the endpoints if the agent is installed.

  • Notifications can now be set up when there are updates on incidents.

  • Partners can also create an organizational unit (OU) above clients and receive notifications for all subordinate organizational units.


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With the recent update, a number of new features and improvements have been released:

  • The switch for using 2-factor authentication has been moved and is now located in the management of the Organisation Units:
    ManagementOrganisation UnitsDetail view

  • When assigning tags for endpoints, predefined tags are now suggested by G DATA. You can of course still create your own tags freely.

  • For security reasons, users can no longer change their e-mail address themselves. Only the Security Operations Managers can do this.

  • The overview page for incidents has been revised.


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The recent update provides you with a new view that displays information about the actions of analysts on the systems. The view can be accessed under Protocols in the navigation bar. Here you can see which action was carried out at which time on which endpoint.


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With the recent update, a number of new features and improvements have been released:

  • 2-factor authentication can now be set up. The adjustment can be made either in the user or role administration. Users can reset their 2-factor authentication via the user profile.

  • If users who were part of the emergency chain are deleted, a warning is now displayed. If a user who was the last member of an emergency chain is deleted, a new user must be defined at this point.

  • All affected artifacts are now listed in the detailed view for alerts.

  • On the overview page for e-mail notifications, there is a new column that shows the language in which notifications are sent. In the case of collective mailboxes, the language in which the notification is created can be specified here.


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Today’s update introduces a new section for the G DATA 365 | MXDR product:

Furthermore, it is now possible to collapse the left-hand tree structure:
If you are in the left window frame with the mouse pointer, the symbol provided for this purpose appears.

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G DATA 365 | MXDR Fold in left frame