You can get an overview of the most important current information on the dashboard.

There are four areas here, Endpoints, Incidents, Recommended Actions as well as the summary of our Service within the last 30 days.



This area lists the total of all endpoints within the client. You can see at a glance on how many endpoints the agent is installed on and how many agents are scheduled to be uninstalled.


This section provides an overview of all recent incidents.
The time period displayed can be controlled via a button; it is possible to display the last 7 or 28 days. Days on which there have been incidents are displayed as a bar chart in which the incidents are grouped by their impact.

Recommended Actions

All Recommended Actions are listed here, with priority, affected endpoint and label. The listed Recommended Actions can be sorted according to the above mentioned criteria. It is also possible by clicking on a list entry to jump to the detail view of the underlying incident of the recommended action. By clicking Show all, you are forwarded to the "Recommended Actions" view for a detailed picture.

Recommended Actions that are grayed out in the list have already been carried out.

Service summary

A short summary of the service G DATA and our analysts have performed for you within the last 30 days.