G DATA Mobile Security Android (MSA)

Activating Web Protection after a Google Play Store installation

In order for MSA to be allowed to check the websites you visit, you must actively give the app your permission by activating Web Protection. To activate Web Protection, you need to activate the Web Protection Service in Android’s Accessibility Service. In this chapter you will learn how to do this.

Installed via APK?

If you have installed MSA via the APK instead of the Google Play Store, you will not be able to easily activate the service in Android’s user aids and thus the web protection. You have to allow the "Restricted settings" for the app beforehand. You can find out how to do this in Chapter → Enabling web protection after an APK installation.

→ This is how you activate Web Protection:

In the app open the Web Protection.


The Web Protection service is disabled.

Tap the slider.


The web protection service is not activated. Instead, you will be prompted to open the Android Accessibility Service.

Open it by tapping Continue.


The Android Accessibility Service is opened. You will find the Web Protection Service here.

Tap on the entry.


Android now opens the page for the Web Protection service.

Tap the slider to activate the service.


Web Protection checks every web page to identify potentially malicious websites. You need to give the app permission to do this. The prompt for this is now displayed.

Give MSA permission for this by tapping Allow here. Otherwise, web protection cannot be activated.


The Web Protection service is now activated.



The Web Protection is now set up.