Protect additional devices with a G DATA license

This article explains how to extend a valid G DATA license to protect additional devices.

With G DATA MultiDevice you can extend your license from one device to up to ten devices.

You can conveniently manage your license (extension, renewal, product change) via My G DATA.

Proceed as follows:

Open your G DATA software.

Alternatively, you can also register directly on the G DATA website by entering your access data log in.

My G DATA shows the validity of your license and your currently used product.

Klicken Sie in der linken unteren Ecke auf Mehr PCs schützen.


My G DATA will now open. You are automatically logged in using the access data entered in your G DATA software.

1. Click Extend License.

2. Scroll down to systems to protect and select the number of devices you want to protect with your license.

3. Next, click on Expand now.

GDATA UpgradeCenterLizenzVerlaengern

Check if your shopping cart contains all the items you want.

If you want to remove an article, click on Edit and then the red X in the column "Quantity".

GDATA UpgradeCenterExtendLicensesWarenkorb

Scroll down to the Your Personal Information section and enter the necessary information.

Now click Next Step.

GDATA KaufDetails

Select your preferred payment method and enter the necessary data. Then click on Next step.

GDATA KaufBezahlmethode

Check carefully that all the information displayed is correct. Then tick the checkbox to acknowledge the terms and conditions, as well as the cancellation policy.

Click Buy Now.

GDATA KaufCheckout

You have now successfully extended your G DATA license for use on additional devices.

You will receive a confirmation email from shortly.

If you have any assistance in installing and activating the software on your other devices, this articles may help you further: