G DATA Mobile Security Android (MSA)

Activating Web Protection after an APK installation

If you purchased MSA via the Google Play Store, this chapter is not relevant for you.

If, on the other hand, you completed the installation via the APK and want to enable Web Protection, you must first "Allow restricted settings" for MSA. After that, you can activate web protection. In order to activate "Restricted Settings", you must again fulfill a prerequisite. For this reason, the process is divided into the following three steps:

Step 1: Triggering the possibility to allow restricted settings


In G DATA Mobile Security, open Web Protection.


The Web Protection service is disabled.

Tap the slider.


The Web Protection service will not be activated. Instead, you will be prompted to open the Android accessibility service.

Open the accessibility service by tapping Continue.


The Android accessibility service will open. Here you will find the Web Protection. The entry is grayed out.

Tap the grayed-out entry.


The notification that the accessibility service have a restricted setting appears. This notification triggers the option to allow the Restricted setting in the App Info.

The restricted setting can now be allowed in the app info.

Close the message and continue with step 2.


Step 2: Allowing restricted settings


Open the App Info of G DATA Mobile Security Android.

You can find one way of doing this here:
  1. 1

Open the settings on your Android device and tap Apps.


  1. 2

Display all your apps.


  1. 3

In the list search for the "G DATA Mobile Security Android".


  1. 4

Tap on the app.

The App Info opens.


In the App Info, tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

The three dots are not visible?

The three dots are only visible if you have previously triggered the possibility to do so by trying to enable the Web Protection service in the accessibility service once. To learn how to do this, see "Step 1: Triggering the possibility to allow restricted settings" in this chapter.


The entry Allow restricted settings appears.

Tap on the entry.


You have allowed the restricted settings for G DATA Mobile Security Android. This now allows you to activate the app’s web protection.

Step 3: Activating Web Protection


Go back to the app and again open Web Protection. Again tap on the Web Protection Server slider, and activate the accessibility service.

Due to the allowed restricted settings in the Android accessibility service, the Web Protection Service entry is now no longer grayed out.

Tap on the entry.


Android opens the Web Protection service page.

Tap the Use Web Protection service slider.


Web Protection checks every web page to identify potentially dangerous web pages. You need to give the app permission to do this. The prompt for this is now displayed.

Give MSA permission for this by tapping Allow here. Otherwise, Web Protection cannot be activated.


The Web Protection service is now activated.



The web protection is now set up.