How and for what you use the G DATA Shredder

This article explains the function of the G DATA Shredder

What do I need the G DATA Shredder for?

If you delete files on your PC and then empty the Recycle Bin, these files are not permanently removed. Sensitive files like your private photos or documents can be fully recovered without much effort. This can be dangerous if your device falls into the wrong hands, or you resell it.

The G DATA Shredder completely deletes your files by overwriting them multiple times with random data. This way these files are reliably protected against unwanted recovery.

How to use the G DATA Shredder?

The process is very simple: Drag the desired file or an entire folder onto the Shredder icon - and the files are the files are overwritten several times and irrevocably deleted.

Alternatively, you can also right-click on the affected file or on an entire folder and select "Shred" in the open context menu.

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Shredder oeffnen
Shredding via Windows menu

You also have the option to delete all the files in your Recycle Bin with Shredder. To do this, make a right click on the Recycle Bin and select "Shred the contents of the Recycle Bin".

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G DATA Shredder 2
Shred content of the Recycle Bin
Before doing so, please make sure that only desired files are shredded, as recovery is no longer possible after this process.

Shredder settings

You can access the settings by right-clicking on the Shredder icon and selecting the Shredder Options.

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G DATA Shredder 3
Shredder Setting

Show the G DATA Shredder on the desktop

Here you can select if you want to show the G DATA Shredder on the desktop. If not, simply remove the checkmark. If you want to show the shredder on the desktop again later, please right-click on the icon of your G DATA antivirus software and select the Shredder options to set the checkmark again.

Play ripcord sound

In the settings you can also select whether you want to hear a ripping noise when shredding.

Number of deletions:

Set here how often your files should be overwritten. From the tenth time on, no secret service in this world can restore the files.