Setting up the browser extension for G DATA web protection

For better protection against infected and fraudulent websites, even when using HTTPS, your G DATA products up from version have additional web protection extensions for the Internet browsers Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

This article explains how to install this extension.

After installing version or newer you will get after a short time a hint to install a G DATA web protection extension will be displayed.

Click Install and you will automatically be taken to the settings for your G DATA product.

Alternatively, you can open the settings in your G DATA product and go to AntiVirus → Web Protection.

Click there on Extensions…​

GDATA Webschutz Plugin Popup

The extensions are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Click Install accordingly to add the extension to the respective browser.

GDATA Einstellungen Webschutz Extensions

The selected browser will open and ask for your confirmation to install the extension.

Click Add or Add extension to authorize the installation of the extension.



GDATA Chrome Erweiterung Installation



GDATA Firefox Add on Installation



Webextension Edge Microsoft Store

Done! The extension has been added to the browser and you can see the status Extension installed also in the settings of your G DATA product.

GDATA Einstellungen Webschutz Extensions Installiert GDATA Unsichere Webseite gesperrt